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From 2021, George Butunoiu (GB) decided to separate the real estate consulting and brokerage activity in a new, distinct firm: GB Real Estate (buyer’s agent). It works in synergy with all the other entities of the group, each of them supporting the others with a vast network of relational and technical expertise.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, of any nature, GB Real Estate is always, with no exception, the consultant and the agent of the buyers and tenants in any project or real estate transaction, representing exclusively their interests.

GB Real Estate (buyer's agent) works openly and transparently with all real estate agencies, developers and individual owners and sends them purchase or rental requests (residential, office, commercial, land, etc.) from the clients we represent.

George Butunoiu represents potential clients from the upper echelons, seeking top quality real estate to purchase or lease across the spectrum. In the residential segment, GB Real Estate (buyer’s agent) is strongly oriented and specialized in the diplomatic field.

The service is tailored specifically to the individual client and transaction, ranging from a simple connection with the real estate agencies or potential vendors/ landlords, to providing the client access to our hand-picked expert associates full array of legal, financial, construction and artisan services as required.

Price of services: GB Real Estate (buyer’s agent) is paid in fixed amounts, calculated according to the type, extent and complexity of the consulting and representation service. GBRE b.a. rates are not related to the value of the property, but only to the nature and volume of our service.